• We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the incredible peace you provided [our loved one] in his last days and his death. We can't imagine how we could have managed without your kind and gentle expertise. You are each truly remarkable. -The S. Family
  • We'd like to express our deep appreciation to all the staff that helped us during our mother's brief illness and death. Having your help and support made all the difference in the world and in consequence we were able to provide her with her dearest wish - and that was to die with her family and in her own home. Thanks again so much! -L.K.
  • What a wonderful service that you provide to people. The hospice team is #1. The caring, compassion that this whole team shows is unbelievable. You made a bad time in our lives bearable. Thank you seems so small but it comes with a lot of love for all of you. -J.W. and P.W.
  • We want to thank you for an outstanding job- your help, caring and understanding of our situation here with our mother was greatly appreciated. Mother's passing was extremely difficult, sad and emotional for us. Without your help though, she wouldn't have had the care she needed during those last few days. The booklet you gave us was most helpful also. Thank you so much. -The daughters of B.H.
  • Thank you for coming to our need. Your staff made our last days with our mother easier to bear in such a sad time. It's not easy to watch your mother pass away but you gave us the knowledge and comfort of what to expect. You made the path easier. -V.C.
  • You all were and still are in my book the greatest team in the world. The care each and every one of you gave to my mother in her last few months meant the world to me. You were all there in a moment's notice and are still only a phone call away. Once again thank you all. -C.A.
  • Thank you all for your care of [my loved one] and I in those rough last weeks. Thank you for the caring, dignity, and professional care you gave both of us. I'm so thankful [your nurse] was able to care for [him] until the end. I felt comfortable going to work and leaving him in her care. Mike and Dr. Brown were so kind to [him]. I don't know what I would have done without Marcia and the night nurses. Things were coming at me so fast. I just wanted to run, but you calmly talked me through it. Bless you all. -E.
  • On behalf of the family, I would like to thank you and your nurses and staff for your help with [our loved one]. I can't begin to explain how much your kindness and knowledge helped get [her] through this difficult time.
    In particular, your visit the Friday before she died was a turning point. It seemed to give her the permission to let go. Until then, she tried to be strong and "hang on" even though she was in pain and ready to stop fighting. Your visit made a huge difference.
    Also, a special thanks to Mike for his compassion and care of [her]. His relaxed style made h,er comfortable. His efficiency, compassion, and knowledge the last few days helped the family tremendously.
    Thanks again for all that everyone did to help us. -G.A.
  • Sorry it's taken me awhile for me to send my very sincere and heartfelt thanks for the help and support you all provided during my dad's failing and passing.
    So many times it has come up in conversation either with my mother or siblings that we don't know what we would have done without the help and support of all of you. It is truly amazing that though it would seem that we had very little contact with the staff there, it had such a profound effect on our experience of losing our dad.
    A very special thanks to Dr. Brown for an especially timely home visit when we were absolutely at our wits end as to what to do, and to nurse Pete for such kind support and guidance at the point of dad's passing.
    It is just wonderful that this exists, that you are all there for us! Thank you so much. -E.F.